Successfully Wild Episode 2015: Sweeping Assertion

Ben Lindbergh and Meg Rowley banter about whether or not Shohei Ohtani is throwing too many sweepers to opposite-handed hitters, the MLB debut of flamethrowing Ben Joyce, the intense stroll/strikeout stylings of George Kirby and Spencer Strider, the states of the Central divisions, the offense and protection of Ke’Bryan Hayes, the return of Jon Singleton, whether or not the pitch clock is chargeable for this season’s uptick in attendance, and the taken-for-granted greatness of Mookie Betts, reply listener emails about baseball’s model of a hockey goon, gamers singing in the course of the seventh-inning stretch, and whether or not it might make umpires extra correct to offer them a PitchCom system, plus a Previous Blast (1:18:33) from 2015.

Audio intro: Jonathan Crymes, “Effectively Wild Theme
Audio outro: Andy Ellison, “Effectively Wild Theme

Link to Ohtani sweeper RV vs. RHB
Link to Ohtani sweeper RV vs. LHB
Link to sweeper leaderboard
Link to Ohtani pitch usage
Link to SP sweeper usage
Hyperlink to Ben C. on sweepers
Link to Ohtani sweeper HR vs. LHB
Link to Joyce’s debut
Link to Joyce pitch speeds
Link to story on Joyce’s record pitch
Link to Strider/Kirby spreadsheet
Link to Kirby command plot
Link to Kirby fun fact
Link to Strider fun fact
Link to Herbstreit Reds Twitter war
Link to Hayes’s defensive ratings
Link to MLBTR on Singleton
Link to annual attendance
Link to 2023 team attendance
Link to spring ratings story
Link to early-season ratings story
Link to Ben on the pitch clock
Link to Mookie gamer
Link to FG WAR leaderboard
Link to hockey enforcer wiki
Hyperlink to Brault EW episode
Hyperlink to Jeff on Brault
Link to Brault’s album
Link to Brault’s OF conversion
Link to Alberto singing
Link to EW emails database
Link to 2015 Past Blast source
Link to other 2015 source
Link to TORIIHTW book website
Link to David Lewis’s Twitter
Link to David Lewis’s Substack
Hyperlink to Dan S. on pitcher zStats

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